Sunday, August 3, 2014

Savoy Style: From London to Home

A quick jaunt to London last week and a stay at the Savoy Hotel provided some refreshing design inspiration. A spectacular mix of Edwardian and art deco design, gold, glossy black and beautifully groomed hedges is right up my ally. I certainly noticed many similarities between Boston and London. I especially love the formality of high teas, elevenses, and chic taxis. Here are a few of my favorite ideas to take away and incorporate some Savoy style into my home.

Take away idea:
{Get creative with my landscape design. Boxwood + Black}
{Give my door a fresh coat of black paint and stencil the house number in gold}

 The bar was a surprising flash in such a formal setting and yet, it added a nice flair of energy and youthfulness in a very chic way.

Take away idea:
{I need some black and white tile with lucite furniture in my house. Somewhere.}

Jamie Herzlinger does black and white floors like no other.

This stunning mural was in, of all places, the loo!

Take away idea: 
{Put a mural in an unexpected spot}

I've always loved this mural in Brooke Shield's dining room.

{Something like this in my bathroom or my mudroom.}

The Murano glass chandeliers in our suites were such a nice appointment, adding youthfulness and a subtle pop of color to such a traditional space. A chandelier in the bedroom is no new idea however, I fully realized the beauty in waking up each day to such a pretty site. I never would have considered doing a glamorous chandelier in my own bedroom however, I'm definitely changing my mind on this.

Take away idea:
{Up the formality in my Master Bedroom. Wishful thinking chandelier.}

There is something so clean and polished in a classic black and white bathroom. I absolutely loved the simplicity of the fixtures. In the North East we have so much baseboard heating and I would love to see a return of the radiator. There are some pretty sophisticated towel rail/radiators out there.

And now, onto my obsession. Shortly before heading to London, I visited the home of the fabulously talented Sarah Winchester.  She installed these little french doors in a standard 3ft doorway of her library. Then I see the same style of doors in my hotel room at the Savoy. I'm so into these little double doors. The photo looks like the doorway is wide yet it's only 3 feet! The only issue with this is privacy. There is a small amount of space when the doors are closed so perhaps not for bathroom spaces.

Take away idea:
{Install double doors in a standard doorway.}

Look at Sarah's doors with that brass hardware! So gorgeous!! Along with her contractor Dan Shanks, she designed the bookshelf in such a way that the doors open unobstructed to the side. 
She's such a smarty.

Photo credit Sarah Winchester

Here are some other snippets from my stay at the Savoy.

Hummus, avocado and poached eggs. Yes.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Summer's Best Accessory!

Outdoor parties are the best part of summer. No matter the budget, anyone can throw together a stylish party with major flair. All you need is some sun, friends & family, (furry friends too!) some great food and a great playlist. We've got a summer filled with event styling and there's one accessory that we can't live without. This summer's best accessory is the serving tray. Yep- you gotta have one. (Or in our case, 5 or 6)

Need some inspiration? We're serving it up for ya....


(We're obsessed with spraying wire shelving. We spray everything around here)

Large Lucite Tray

Danielle Moss's home tour on Apartment Therapy
Looking for a tray to amp up your party chic?

Come spend the afternoon with Megan, personalizing your very own lucite tray!

WORKSHOP: DIY Custom Lucite Serving Tray
WHEN: June 29th Sunday from 3-5pm
via Made By Girl

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

We're Growing! Our new design shop!

Spring has sprung around here, and what better time to announce our big news...
New England Staging & Interiors is opening a design shop!

As we put together the finishing touches, stop by this weekend for a sneak peek of our new shop.
But wait!

Not only do we have a new space for design services, we also have a new addition! 
We have added a new line of custom floral design called...

{Home & Garden}

"Officially" Opening Thursday May 15th, 2014

Stop by this weekend for a sneak peek of the shop and get the inside scoop on what's in store!

Located within a 12 acre nursery, we have plenty of space to roam.

Come design your space with us.
(Yes, we have huge fiddle leaf fig trees!)

We can't contain our excitement!
Speaking of containment, we're obsessed with these French outdoor planters!

Come see us. 
"Officially" Opening Thursday May 15th, 2014
{Stop by this weekend for a sneak peek and sample sale)

Located at 41 Range RD Windham, NH
(Delahunty Nursery Bldg)
Phone: 603.548.3636

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Year of Photography

Great art never goes out of style.
I think this should be the year of buying fabulous art. Whether it's framing an architectural photograph you took on your smart phone or finding a quirky painting at the antique market.  Gone should be the generic "box store" artwork. With resources like Etsy, online art auctions, and the ease of printing our own photos, there is no excuse to have meaningless art in our lives.

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
― Pablo Picasso

I love adding a little irony to a room through artwork, especially mixing old and new.   We have some great projects on the books for this year so, I thought I'd take you on my journey to find meaningful art.  Beauty that greets us with heart, touches the soul, and takes us to a happy place;
 our very own home.

I'm always inspired by photographs in unexpected spaces. 
(still in love with my Slim Aaron's photograph

 The newest JK Place in Rome is full of gorgeous modern art.

My fabulous friend and photographer Sarah Winchester is the "go-to" artist for amazing photographs.
She took this photo in Paris and translated it into this amazing piece.. it's 4 x 6 ft on acrylic!
She has a huge library of gorgeous photos and I cannot wait for our next installation.

Photo Credit Sarah Winchester

This photograph used in this room by Mary McDonald has always been one of my all time faves.

For this look, Jonathan Adler is killing it right now with his collection of Slim Aaron's prints.

This seaside photo by Christian Chaize.

Packaged in an archival portfolio, a Praia Piquinia Subscription by Christian Chaize can be delivered to your door. I would love to frame the whole series in a big, bright room with a view.

Available for approx. $900. More info. and prints for as little as $60 on
or buy the hardcover book for $25!

The best thing about photography and our super, smarty camera phones, is that we can capture our own shot and frame it for very little cost. The best art happens in daily life. Go ahead- give it a shot.

Here is a photo I took on vacation that I think could be fun. 

Hello Instagram.